ANion Technology®

ANion Technology® is a worldwide patented revolutionary technology of cleaning air through the production of 100% pure negative ions called ‘anions’ and certified ozone safe. ANion Technology® operates on the atomic level, destroying 99.99% of harmful particulates that cause indoor air pollution. Experience ANion Air Purifier combined with LED bulb to breathe clean air and feel what makes ANion Technology® the first of its kind.


The World at the Atomic Level


An ion is any charged atom or group of atoms that has lost or gained one or more electrons, giving it a net positive or negative charge.



An atom or molecule that has a positive charge is called a positive ion or cation. Many studies have proven that excessive exposure to positive ions usually bring a negative effect on human body.



In contrast, an anion, also known as a negative ion, is an atom or molecule that has a net negative charge. Anions have directly the opposite effect on health, mood and energy levels.

In Nature

What is an Anion?

An anion is a negatively charged ion that is biologically beneficial and produced mostly in wilderness areas. Most people feel revitalized immediately when they are in the forest or stand next to a waterfall because these places are filled with anions.

Anions are often called as vitamins of the air.  Over the past several decades, many studies on anions have demonstrated that they provide many positive benefits on health, mood, and energy levels. They allow us to inhale more oxygen and exhale more carbon dioxide, thus rejuvenating and revitalizing our body systems. They also help to reduce stress, strengthen immunity, enhance metabolism, improve skin conditions and improve sleep quality. What if you could bring this natural health benefits home with you?

Forest with a watrfall
Positive Ions

What's in the Air?

The indoor air we breathe every day is loaded with more than 1,800 kinds of pollutants such as allergens, toxic chemicals (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, pet dander, mold, and other chemical pollutants. These pollutants contain positively charged ions and biologically harmful. Also, they are a major cause of respiratory ailments such as allergies and pathogenic infections.

Major Pollutants



A type of antigen that produces an abnormal immune response. Bioaerosols—originating from dust mites, animals, and cockroaches—have been strongly linked to allergic rhinitis and asthma.



VOCs are gases emitted from household products like cleaning agents, paints, plastics, and synthetic fibers. Some VOCs are carcinogens, and exposure can cause asthmatic symptoms and decreased cognitive function.
Airborne bacteria small



Opportunistic organisms that can form symbiotic or pathogenic relationships with humans. Airborne bacteria can cause respiratory infections like pneumonia, strep throat (streptococcus), and Legionnaire’s disease.



A type of pathogen that replicates inside living cells of other organisms. Viruses are the primary cause of airborne infectious diseases like influenza (including swine and bird flu), SARS, and rhinovirus (common cold).



A type of fungus that is ubiquitous and grows when conditions are favorable. Mold can survive in very harsh conditions and can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.
ANion Technology®

Steps to Clean Air



Install ANion LED Light Bulb into any standard sockets. Then, turn the ANion LED Light Bulb on.


Once the light is on, the ANion Light Bulb disperses a stream of pure negative ions called anions into the air.


Anions actively attract positive ions such as airborne dust, bacteria, allergen particles, and other chemical pollutants in the air. Anions impart their negative charges to pollutant particles, which causes the particles to stick to each other and neutralize the harmful effects of pollutants.


As ionic bond is made, these particles form clusters. Once they become too heavy to remain airborne, they fall onto the floor, completely removing from the air.
Diagram of destroying pollutants from the air
step1 - anions release

Phase 01


The worldwide patented ANion Technology® produces a stream of pure negative ions called anions through the bundle of micro metallic fibers coated with nano silver once the product is properly installed and turned on. The ANion Technology® produces very high concentration of anions: generates pure anions at a rate of 20 million anions per second; about 500,000 anions per cubic centimeter are measured from 3 feet away; 42,253 anions per cubic centimeter are measured at 6 feet distance; and no ozone is found.
step 2 - ionization

Phase 02


Due to the nature of anions - negatively charged ions, anions are statically attracted to the pollutants which are positive ions such as airborne particles, dust, mold, pet dander, other pollutants and potential allergens in the air. By actively attaching to these pollutants and give positive ions a negative charge, anions destroy 99.99% of harmful pollutants in any size from the air.
step3 - elimination

Phase 03


As ionic bonds of anions and positive ions form clusters, they become too heavy to remain in the air. This causes them to either fall on the floor or stick to nearest surface, completely removing them from the air.
100% Guranteed

Test Results

Certified Ozone Safe

Independent lab results have certified that ANion Technology® is 100% ozone free while producing anions.

Independent Test Labs:
Hanbat National University Research Center
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Laboratory

Ozone Free Result Graph

Bacteria Destruction

Independent lab results have shown that ANion Technology® destroys 99.99% of bacteria.

Bacteria Destruction Result Graph

Independent Test Labs:
Korea Conformity Laboratories
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Laboratory

Bacteria Destruction Result Graph

Clean Air. Breathe Easier.

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